Questions about the sessions?

        What to Wear?

  •  Choose similar colours of neutral tones but not identical outfits
  •  3/4 sleeves look best on ladies as we want the face to be the main empahasis, not the arms
  •  Plain  t-shirts or polos (no designs, patterns or logos on the front)  work best for kids especially if you prefer B&W Images
  •  Clean fingernails for everyone  – you would be surprised how a beautiful portrait can be ruined when a hand over the shoulder has dirty fingernails, it’s not a good look so please take 5 mins to make sure they’re clean
  • Lastly if you already have a outfit in mind for yourself / family but it is covered in bold stripes or spots then please go ahead and wear it…The above is merely a guide and I am not going to stop you from wearing your favourite clothes, because the more relaxed and comfortable you feel, the better the portrait will be.
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